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  • Inspired by the Sea

    Inspired by the Sea

    Introducing Fucoreverse At In-Cosmetic Paris 2016 Lessonia launched a new active ingredient based on marine glycobiology – Fucoreverse™ which has been clinically proven to significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles. Read More
  • Time to Renew: Introducing OvernightEnhance [MJ+C]

    Time to Renew: Introducing OvernightEnhance [MJ+C]

    During the night, the skin intensifies it vital renewal cycle; this process slows down with age and as a result of damage caused to the skin during the day; to revitalize this cycle, Naolys has created a new plant cell complex consisting of "four o'clock flower" (Mirabilis Jalapa) cells with integrated caffeine. Read More
  • Preserve & Protect

    Preserve & Protect

    The Challenge Let Schülke and Ross Organic help you with your next product launch by conducting your preservative challenge testing for you. Schülke offers this free of charge to customers who want to challenge test one of their preservative blends. Save yourself money, time and work with the leading global preservative brand, Schülke. Read More
  • Trends 2017

    Trends 2017

    What are the trends that will drive the beauty industry in 2017? Sure, you can google what the pantone color of the year is going to be, but understanding the macro trends that will impact the industry are a critical element of product development. BASF has recently released their industry forecast and trends presentation, and it is a must-see. Read More
  • GenoWhite™ to Fight Pigmentation

    GenoWhite™ to Fight Pigmentation

    Check out Corum’s new video on GenoWhite™, the latest proprietary spot-correcting technology that targets multiple steps of skin pigmentation. Highlights of this advanced peptide include... Read More
  • Building Bridges Between Science and Nature

    Building Bridges Between Science and Nature

    Today's consumer wants it all. They want products that are close to nature, equating natural to safe and gentle. They also want products that provide a noticeable benefit, providing all of the function that modern science can offer. Read More
  • Multifunctional Face Masks

    Multifunctional Face Masks

    The popular Asian trend has arrived in the West According to Euromonitor International, the Asia Pacific region is expected to make up nearly half of skin care’s global sales this year, up from 44% in 2009. Read More
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